10 easy rituals to help you relax at work

From daily tasks to big challenges, there are plenty of stress factors when it comes to work. L'Occitane reveals some simple habits, performed in 5 minutes at your desk, designed to help you to stay calm in any situation.
By Mélissa Darré

Ritual no. 1: Watch your posture

Regained energy, reduced stress, improved productivity... maintaining a good posture can work wonders for your daily life. Every day, keep your back straight, with your knees at 90° angles and your feet flat on the ground.

Ritual no.2: Walk regularly

To avoid becoming stiff, it's essential not to stay seated at your workstation for too long. A short walk, at least every hour, will allow you to revitalise and get rid of those built up tensions.

Ritual no.3: Give your hands a massage

Your hands are put through their paces over the course of the working day. With Aromachologie Relaxing Massage Oil, massage from the centre of your palm to your fingertips using your thumb. A relaxing pause is guaranteed with its soft scent of sweet almond!

Ritual no. 4: Relax

Ideal after lunch, breathing exercises allow you to switch off from your responsibilities for a few moments. With the application of "Respirelax" in particular, close your eyes and regain your serenity in no time.

Ritual no.5: Drink plenty

A measure of inner balance, being well hydrated is vital for maintaining your energy at work. To make sure you drink the daily requirement of around 1.5 litres per day, occasionally swap your glass of water for a delicious tea or a flavoured water

Ritual no. 6: Soothe your eyes

Fixed for hours at a time on your computer, your eyes get tired as the day goes on. To rest them, close your eyes and trace the infinity symbol behind closed eyelids. Then, lightly massage your eye contours with the eyecare product Divine Eyes Immortelle, to accompany this beauty exercise.

Ritual no. 7: Stretch

Whether you are sitting at your desk or waiting for your coffee, there's no wrong place to do some quick stretches. Stretch your arms above your head, roll up onto your toes and round your back. Repeat these simple exercises several times a day to free your muscles from tensions.

Ritual no. 8: Listen to music

Want to forget about work? Create a playlist of your favourite music and be transported to another place for a few minutes with your eyes shut. Then, come back to reality with something more lively, before returning to a complete state of relaxation.

Ritual no. 9: Anticipate stress factors

Got an important meeting? A project to complete? Prepare for your big deadlines with a moment of pure relaxation with the Revitalising Roll-on. Applied to the back of the neck, the lower back or the inside of the wrist, its formula of essential oils will give you a fresh energy boost.

Ritual no. 10: Take a break

Giving yourself time to rest is vital for maintaining concentration and fostering creativity. In addition, leave your computer and phone from time to time, to benefit from a pleasant break with your colleagues. Nothing beats a break for starting again afresh! 

10 easy rituals to help you relax at work
10 easy rituals to help you relax at work
L'Occitane reveals some simple habits, performed in 5 minutes at your desk, designed to help you to stay calm in any situation
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