Almond Velvet Balm

A rich and vaporous cream to help act on the 5 key signs of aging.

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Almond Velvet Balm


Formulated with a complex of native cells degenerating almond, this rich and silky cream acts on five signs of aging: dryness, skin laxity, lack of tone, wrinkles and skin irregularities. Its floral, powdery scent of almond blossoms and leaves a sophisticated feminine veil on the body. For the almond forgotten for a long time, become a familiar element of the Provencal landscape, L'Occitane is committed to obtain supplies from producers in southern France


1- Heat a little product in your hands clean 2- Massage with slow, circular motions, always starting with 3- Accentuate ankles massage in areas that want to strengthen and reaffirm, as the thighs and stomach region.BUTTOCKS MASSAGE: 1- glutes firm strokes alternating right hand left hand, from the bottom up. 2- Massage in circular motions upward, the outer side of your buttocks toward the center. 3- Repeat until your skin completely absorb the product.BELLY MASSAGE: 1- Massage the product into your stomach in the sense clockwise, with circular movements and lateral movements. 2- Repeat until your skin completely absorb the product.WAIST MASSAGE: 1- Massage the product up, low back to the waist in a circular motion. 2 Massage the outside of your waist to the center. 3- Repeat until your skin completely absorbs the product.MASSAGE ARMS: 1- Wrap your hand on your opposite arm and firmly massage, massage movements performed your elbows shoulders. 2- Raise your arm with the opposite hand, massage your elbow to the underarm (concentrating on the back of the arm where the movement is minimal). 3- Repeat until your skin completely absorb the product.


What smells like a cookie and feels like a dream? The tiny almond has huge nourishing powers. L’OCCITANE has harnessed this exceptional feature in products that will make your mouth water and leave skin feeling silky for days. Made with almonds from Haute Provence, the line feels luxurious and it supports sustainability of almond trees in the region. So get you bath and body care that can do both. Almond


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