Hand Cream

Hands are moisturized and soft.

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Hand Cream


Enriched with shea butter, this cream helps nourish and protect hands. Leaves skin soft and delicately scented with fruity floral aroma soft as a caress from the first cherry blossoms. It contains cherry extract from Luberon in Provence.


Used during the day as needed.1- Massage a little on the back and palm with large circular movements. 2 minutes of gentle massage allow the cream to penetrate the upper layers of your skin for immediate comfort.2- Take the time to make penetrate the cream on your fingers and in dry areas between your fingers.3- With the rest of cream, massaging each finger joint to the tips of the fingers.


Spring is here, unveiling the very first cherry blossoms in the Luberon orchards. Subtle and crystal-clear, Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau invites you to get whisked away in a whirlwind of fresh and delicate notes. L’Occitane unveils Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau, a delicate and fruity Eau de Toilette, as pure and comfortable as the very first cherry blossoms. Also discover our fragrance touch, a new beauty ritual for perfumed touch-ups at any time of the day. Pamper your hands with the new hand cream and its light tender notes. Complete your collection with the Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau shower and moisturizing milk. All products in the collection contain a Luberon cherry extract. Fleurs de Cerisier L’Eau


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