Vetiver Eau de Toilette

The skin is scented with fresh and woody notes of Vetiver.

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Vetiver Eau de Toilette


Classical Association of woodsy, sensual and deep notes of vetiver, cedar wood and nutmeg. The secrets of vetiver take root in the land. Eastern Mediterranean men have their roots in the water and use it to perfume before wedding ceremonies and festive. "I like to wear woodsy vetiver and deep perfume, I remember my travels in the East, where traditionally twisted and moisturize their roots to spread its refreshing aroma." Olivier Baussan, founder of L'OCCITANE.


1- vaporizes the perfume in different pulse points for a good diffusion of the perfume: neck, neck, wrist, behind ears and knees, hair, etc. Do not rub your wrists to not break the perfume molecules which can affect the fixing of perfume.2- To scent your clothes, vaporizes at a distance of 10 cm: on the skirt or jacket, wrap or scarf.3- To scent your body evenly, vaporizes a cloud of perfume and go through it conserves your perfume away from light or heat.


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